Understanding Followups and Send Later timing

When using Gmail Compose (not Mail Merge), users have the ability to schedule their one-off email using Send Later and also attach a sequence using Followups. Both of those features rely on specific dates inputted by the user. It is important to understand that those dates are independent of each other.

For example: let's assume it's October 18th. 

You use Send Later to schedule an email to be sent out "two days later", which means October 20th. When you attach a follow up, the first message should be sent out more than 2 days, in order to allow the scheduled message to be sent out. In the example below, we schedule it to be sent out after 4 days, which means October 22nd.

When in doubt, always trust the displayed time stamp in the Send Later (marked in red box, below left) and the Followup sequence (marked in red box, below right). Those are the dates that Vocus.io will actually use.

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