How are followup limits calculated?

Each subscription plan has a different Auto-Followup limit (see here:

  • Basic Plan: 50 concurrently active followups
  • Starter Plan: 100 concurrently active followups
  • Professional Plan: 500 concurrently active followups

Limits are stated as 'concurrently active followups'. Once a followup record becomes 'inactive', then that record is not counted against your limit.

What does an 'active' followup mean?

A followup is 'active' when you send it out. A followup becomes 'inactive' when the lead responds, or when the last message in the followup sequence is sent out.

There are rare cases when follow-ups still appear "running" even when the contact already replied. Do not worry, however. The system will check for any recent email from your contact right before sending the auto-followup.

How do I check my Auto-Followup quota?

Go to Dashboard > Followups. The icon in the top right will indicate the number of active followups over the overall quota.

How does this impact mail merge limits?

This has nothing to do with mail merge. Followups created from the mail merge workflow does not impact the limits on Auto Followups. Mail merge is used for bulk leads, Auto Followup is used for individual leads.

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