Do you charge per inbox?

We want to be part of your email workflow. If you like us enough to use us as part of multiple email inboxes, we will not break your wallet for it.

Can I use multiple email inboxes with

Yes. Users can add as many email inboxes to their profile. For example, user Dwight Schrute might have two inboxes: (for work) and (personal). Dwight can activate for both of those inboxes and under the same license.

Do I need to pay for each email inbox?

No - a single license can support any number of email inboxes as long as they are owned by the same individual. Our terms of use do not allow having multiple individuals (i.e. human identities) using the same profile. For example, and are two different individuals and must have two different licenses.

How do I add my email inbox to

From the Dashboard screen, navigate to Settings and click on "Add Inbox".

How do I add someone else's inbox to

You can add them as a team member under your billing account, which will apply the additional license as per our terms of use. To add a team member, from the Dashboard navigate to "Teams", click "Create Team", check the box to add them under your account and invite them over once the team is created.

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